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Service & Maintenance

City Facilities offers an aftersales package to all your completed installations as well as any previously installed systems by others. Ensuring your systems have the aftercare they need will improve system and energy efficiency, resulting in reduced running costs and extended system lifespan. 


Emergency breakdown/call out

If the worst is to happen and your system goes offline, we have engineers ready to attend at short notice 24/7 to diagnose, report and repair on-site if no parts are required. Due to the great relationships built with our suppliers, we are available to get spare parts quickly and efficiently to get your systems up and running, causing as little disruption as possible. 


Strip and rebuild

Not all projects are possible to use a crane for lifting mechanical equipment to roof level, or where the mechanical equipment is to be located within lightwells or sub levels. City Facilities offer a strip and rebuild service where the equipment will be dismantled and relocated by our engineers where it will be rebuilt.


Health check & Validations

Have you leased or are about to lease new premises and require either a health check or validation of the existing systems before you sign? Our highly trained engineers use the latest manufacturing programs and software to determine the operational state of the system(s) and produce a validation report for you to determine your next step. This could involve systems not being fully functional as promised and requiring fixing prior to the contract being signed or giving you comfort that the system(s) are operating correctly for you to sign. 



Commissioning plays a vital role in the operation of a system. If commissioning is not performed correctly, the system will not operate as designed/installed to do so. This results in possible damages to the system(s), which may include additional costs on spare parts, offline occurrences, and unhappy occupants such as your employees. Our engineers are highly trained and are put through the latest manufacturing training courses in order to commission to the highest of standards, producing commissioning reports for your records. 



Systems that require decommissioning usually take place for the end of the lease, replacement technology, system strip out and unit relocations. Decommissioning includes wet systems being drained down and isolated or refrigerant systems being degassed to enable works to progress. City Facilities produce decommissioning reports along with waste transfer notes alongside industry compliance standards. 

Other Services

City Air Conditioning

specializes in the design, supply, and installation of all air conditioning systems your building requires. Ranging from a single split system up to a multi VRF/VRF system for a single room application up to a multi storey building.

City Mechanical
City Facilities

focuses on the servicing, maintenance, validations, health checks, commissioning, decommissioning, strip and rebuild and repairs of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Ranging from a reactive call out to an annual service and maintenance package.

City Mechanical
City Mechanical

focuses on the design, supply, and installation of all mechanical systems your building requires. Including ventilation, heating and cooling, public health, drainage, sprinkler systems, thermal insulation, trace heating, balancing, and commissioning.

City Mechanical

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